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Mystic - Crossfire 6/3 Crosstech Steamer

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The Mystic Crossfire 6/3 DL/SL Crosstech Wetsuit is the warmest kiteboarding specific wetsuit currently available, offering enhanced warmth during the coldest winter weather.

Mystic Crossfire Wetsuits have been designed to offer enhanced kiteboarding performance and are packed with innovative kitesurf specific features including shin protectors, aqua flush leg panels that prevent water pick up, and high fit neck panels to prevent water ingress when body dragging.

Mystic Crosstech Wetsuits combine highly flexible and durable double lined (DL) neoprene with wind proof single lined (SL) neoprene on the upper body. The resulting composite construction offers incredible freedom of movement with enhanced warmth.


Composite neoprene construction with each neoprene type anatomically placed to maximise freedom of movement and body temperature regulation.

  • TRI Span Neoprene: a highly flexible neoprene that can easily stretch up to twice its original length. The lining durability is increased by a cross weave construction that also allows stretch in any direction and feels incredibly soft next to the skin.
  • Air Span Neoprene: a new single lined (SL) neoprene offering enhanced warmth with extra stretch and durability.
  • Dura Span Neoprene: a highly durable neoprene positioned in high wear areas to offer maximum strength and warmth.


  • Glued and Blind Stitched: to prevent leaking stitching holes, this stitching method penetrates only half of the neoprene thickness, giving a flat and waterproof seam.
  • New Panel Layout: less seam connections and reduced panel construction improves comfort, flexibility and durability.
  • Kinetic Seam Positioning: essential seams are positioned sideways of joints to make the wetsuit more flexible and comfortable.
  • Taped Seam Connections: an extra neoprene patch covering internal seam connections improves durability and prevents water penetration.
  • Seamless Knee Construction: no seams and pre-shaped curved knee panels for maximum comfort, range of motion and durability.
  • Glued stitching ends: increases durability.

Features and Benefits...

  • 6/3 Crosstech Steamer: Ideal for extreme conditions.
  • High Fit Neck: prevents water ingress when body dragging.
  • Sandwich Neck Closure: the collar construction completely covers all velcro with soft neoprene for additional comfort.
  • Blind zip: the zipper is locked up as much as possible on the inside of the back panel. This results in less water penetrating the zipper and less heat loss due to a chilled surface around the zipper.
  • Back-up System: an extra neoprene layer behind the zipper with a pull-over neck collar provides a water tight neck seal.
  • Water Outlet: if water penetrates the zipper the backup system guides it straight out of the suit through the water outlet hole.
  • Metalite Cuffs: 2mm parabolic cuff contour the wrists perfectly to provide a water tight, heat retentive seal.
  • 3D Composite Kneepads: a highly durable and flexible thin knee surface.
  • Shin Protection Pads: 3mm foam padding on the shin reduces the chance of injury after board collision.
  • Aquaflush Legpanel: a water permeable panel on the inside of the lower leg ensures any picked up water is flushed out.
  • Detachable Velcro Leg Straps: prevents water pick up.
  • Key Pocket Inside: for safe key storage.

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